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" Book of Dreams"


Installation Art

Tulum, Mexico

"Sky full of Stories"


Installation Art

Monterrey, Mexico

An installation of 62 lamps that resemble flowers. These flowers are handmade with wire that have warm illumination from the inside. The symbolism of this piece origins the significance of a bouquet of flowers. A flower bouquet reveals beauty and elegance that transmit thankfulness and glorious feelings. Each flower represents a pleasant story that has either passed, taking place right now, or is bound to happen within it. As a whole this piece intends to transmit a peaceful and content state of mind.


"México Te Quiero"


Mexicraneos Skull

Paseo de la Reforma, CDMX



2019 Mexicraneos, Paseo de la Reforma, CDMX, Mexico

2021 Mexicaraneos, Macroplaza, Monterrey, Mexico

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