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 An independent woman that knows no limits. She who has built a path on a road that has transformed her into the empowering woman she is. A million dreams yet to conquer, always willing to fill herself with knowledge and overcome every challenge that comes her way. Raging fire grows inside her, turning every impossibility into a possibility     

Helmet:  Hopes and dreams

Suit: Female empowerment

Butterflies: Female Metamorphosis

Road: Life´s journey 

   During her early 20s, Touché saw herself painting a woman with life goals, transforming into an adult full of dreams and possibilities that maybe one day she could hope to become.  Andrea’s alter ego has always been projected as “Ursula” until a paper and pencil gave her life.


Shows where Ursula has been exhibited on: 

2022 Metamorphosis, GAG gallery, Mystika Museum, Tulum, Mexico

2020 Moma, Casa Milán 

2019 Caminarte, Gallerie Joseph, Paris, France





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3mm Acrylic Print

100 x 135 cm

80 x 120 cm

40 x 60 cm

300 gr Cotton Paper Print

100 x 135 cm

80 x 120 cm

40 x 60 cm

* Edition Size 70

* Each print is intervened with fold foil flakes butterflies

* Includes Signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity
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