Marina Maggiore  

Art Curator for MADS Art Gallery
"On a golden and brilliant background, the Mexican artist Andrea Touché represents a woman, an astronaut elegantly dressed in an olive-green suit. In her left arm she holds astronaut's helmet where planets, stars and spacecraft meet among colorful galaxies and where the viewer can travel with the mind and fantasize in infinite space. The character seems to move slowly with her right leg forward and her head upwards weighed down by a huge octopus. the sinuous gesticulating tentacles block the entire torso of the figure in a nerve-wracking and suffocating embrace.An ancient symbol in the art world, this inhabitant of the deep sea strikes the imagination. Messenger of the abyss, the octopus turns out to be the image of a dark and deep world that has always frightened, in fact from the title of the artwork "Devil in me" it can be hypothesized that the artist considers the marine animal a devil who torments her thoughts. The octopus captures the viewer´s gaze by hypnotizing him with his large golden and black eye. The artworks symbolizes the small negative part that we all possess, a dark side that we can illuminate with a colorful and bright journey through space in search of the best version of ourselves.

-Marina Maggiore.


La 'Exposición de Verano' llega a Casa Milán by Antonio Redondo

Cd. de México, 24 septiembre 2020

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