Creating is my passion. Through my artwork, I find meaning in everything that surrounds me. The main two elements portrayed in my paintings are butterflies and astronauts. I relate to the concept of astronauts mostly because I always find myself in space wondering. Although I feel more down-to-earth and focused while working, my mind takes me to a place where surrealism becomes a reality while creating. Butterflies represent the constant transformation and growth within us, how we are always looking for better versions of ourselves.

In my artwork, The characters and elements portrayed are open for each viewer to give their meaning and discover or empathize in their own way. I use different processes to create an art piece. Mainly I work with oil and acrylic paint, watercolor pencils, and digital art. However, I always find myself experimenting with new materials and techniques. That's the reason every piece has its course, but the essence of what I want to project remains. I intend to create statement art where painting and sculptures can draw people in and feel mesmerized. To join their own world of wonder, where curiosity has no limit, and their feelings are enhanced.



Andrea Touché Morales

Monterrey, México



-2019 Masters in Business Innovation, CEDIM, Monterrey, México.

-2017 Curso en Técnica y Composición Fotográfica, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Monterrey, México.

​-Promoción para Artistas por Catalina Restrepo, LAR School, Monterrey, México.

​-Historia del Arte Moderno y Contemporáneo por Gonzalo Ortega, Lar School, Monterrey, México.

2016 Licenciatura en Diseño Industrial, Universidad De Monterrey, Monterrey, México.

2013 Diplomado en Comunicación de Moda, Instituto Europeo di Design, Madrid, España.

2012 Diplomado de Moda, Instituto di Moda Burgo, Monterrey, México.



2022 METAMORFOSIS, GAG gallery, Mystika Museum, Tulum, México

2022 F**KU, MADS Gallery, Fuerteventura, Islas Canarias - Spain

2022 F**KU, MADS Gallery, Milano, Italy

2021 Mexicaraneos, Macroplaza, Monterrey, México

2019 Caminarte, Gallerie Joseph, Paris, Francia

2019 Mexicraneos, Paseo de la Reforma, CDMX, México

2018 Subasta Cruz Roja, Banamex, Monterrey, México

2018 Caminarte, Hacienda los Morales, CDMX, México

2018 Caminarte, W Hotel, CDMX, México

2017 Subasta Destellos de Luz. Monterrey. México

2017 Subasta Beca Jorge Garcia Abaroa. Monterrey. México

2016 Taller Fotográfico, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Monterrey, México.


Public Works

2021 Mexicaraneos, Macroplaza, Monterrey, México

2020 Mexicraneos, Parque Bicentenario, CDMX, México

2019 Mexicraneos, Paseo de la Reforma, CDMX, México



2018 Finalista a Premio Municipal De La Juventud San Pedro, Monterrey, México.

2016 Excelencia en tesis de la Licenciatura en Diseño Industrial, UDEM, Monterrey, México.

Selected Press

2018 Andrea Touché Upcycles Found Objects in Stunning 3D Animal Paintings, Emily Steele, Cuppa Wow, Los Angeles, USA.


2018 Creatividad Sin Límites, David Hernández,Chic Monterrey, México.


2017 Musas Poderosas, The Local Muse Blog, Monterrey, México.